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From The RA Zone

As you click through and view the SBF photo galleries on this site, it will undoubtedly become obvious that I enjoy the water. I live on an island that is quite long but it's a relatively short drive to sand and surf from all points on the compass.

I usually gravitate to the calmer waters of the North Shore simply because I am a devout chicken of the sea! I'm not one to make waves in life, and fear being in them even more. I have seen children no older than five brave the swells of the Atlantic Ocean as I run back and forth like a Sandpiper in the foam. While I’m at it, I also confess that in spite of possessing the nickname, “Sunboyfun”, I am not a big fan of lying dormant in the dunes with the bacon brigade under the sun. I would rather stay active on the beach walking, swimming or taking photos.

I truly enjoy being involved in wetlook photography both in front of the camera and behind it. I realize the majority of photos featured on this site are of yours truly, but I assure you my feet are firmly planted on the ground (Or at the very least, in wet sand). I stand a better chance at becoming America’s Next Flop Model (Flip Flops, perhaps) than any Abercrombie cover boy. Believe me; anytime I hear the faint echoes of narcissism waft in the breeze, I am quickly knocked back to earth by some dose of reality. Check out the statistics of bumbling humility on the Gear page , as I look back at various cameras lost at sea.

I do try to keep an outlook of energy and fun in my photos. Sometimes I wonder if I smile too much. My unsmiling pics often look like mug shots to my eyes, so I stick to what usually works best. It is indeed a challenge not to repeat myself with each photo session. I enjoy trying different color schemes with clothing and accessories, seeing what will blend well with natural elements and lighting. When Coolwetdude is not there to snap away, I have devised a method of setting focus for self-pics, which I will share in a future post.

In the years following the purchase of my first Kodak digital camera (at the time sporting a whopping 1.3 megapixels…I can almost hear camera phones laughing as I type this), I have amassed quite a collection of Sunboyfun wetlook photos. Thanks to CWD’s penchant for playing paparazzi upon his visits south, for wetter or worse, I am thus represented in the galleries both moistly and mostly.