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Go Fish Updates
Coolwetdude and I would like to welcome you to a new section of the Creativewetlook site. Affectionately dubbed, "Go Fish", this area will be devoted to a grab bag of features which may freely deviate from a strict wetlook theme. It will allow us to share photos, videos and other materials that would not normally fit into our usual gallery format.

Two additions to the Go Fish Page have been recently added. The latest is a look back with pictures and words, at several highlights from Florida photo excursions CWD and I made between 2006 and 2009. It is called "Behind The Scenes", featuring three pages with
over a hundred photos - most of which have not been seen before.

Click on the thumbnails to view each photo at full size!

In keeping with the Floridian mode, we have uploaded several short videos that CWD shot at random, featuring Florida sunsets in various locations. One in particular, shows a slightly sarcastic Sunboyfun, clad in a winter hat and bomber jacket, frustrated by the oddly chilly beach weather. View Florida Sunset Videos Here

Sunboyfun 2008
Gallery News  -  updated   11 / 22 / 14
I can envision a collective sigh but hopefully not crickets in an empty wetlook theatre. Gallery 45 marks the first update to this site in over a year.

This 20 photo set will hopefully be a sign that there was still quite a bit of wetlook activity afoot in 2014. Sorry for the delay but other creative projects arose and competed for time during the past two years. Wow, I can't believe it has been nearly two since the last set of pictures. Two trips to Florida provided a great deal of new photos, in spite of some rather disappointing weather at times. I often seem to throw the dart at the "dud" week when I pic a vacation. Many times it becomes a scramble to get the right light and hopefully good water conditions in a volatile climate.

It felt good to get this latest collection together, entitled, "Tropical Twenty for 2014." Hope you enjoy the photos and also hope to keep updated on the updates!

Thanks for your patience - SBF.

Sunboyfun Gallery 45
Please feel free to leave comments and feedback on the Surfboard Message Board.

Cheers! SBF.

"Manifest Destiny!"
As our galleries constantly expand and grow, some changes were needed to better accommodate navigation and organization.

You may have noticed there are now two banks of photo galleries: Galleries- A and Galleries- B. Each bank will contain 25 galleries, some with 12 photos, some with 20 photos and/or combos with double shots. We hope this will not only allow us to stay organized as our pics grow into the hundreds, but will make navigation easier with less scrolling. Slideshows will cycle through the bank you are currently viewing. Galleries 26-43 now reside in Gallery bank "B".
Enjoy! SBF/CWD    SBF Gallery 45

CWL Surf Board
Message Board Up And Running
A wetlook website without interaction is like a stagnant pool. Help us keep the waters moving by stirring up the pot. Enjoy Creative Wetlook's new place to post: "The Surf Board". Jump in with your comments and thoughts. Let's chat! Please respect your fellow "members of the board", while keeping topics in context.