Sunset at Naples Bahia Honda Vista
Tranquility Bay Flower Collage Key West Kitty
Late Sun Lighthouse, Marathon Bahia Honda Park
 Tiki near Chef Lupe's, Key Largo Shark from Bahia Honda Bridge
Fort Myers Overpass CWD Sunset, Naples Beach
Coolwetdude Collage SBF Tripod Tribulations!
Marathon Key Sunset Collage Sanibel Island Causeway
Aqua Waters of Marathon Key Tranquility Bay's beautiful dock
Couple At Sunset, Naples Naples Sunset
Bahia Honda Collage Infinity at Bahia Honda Beach
Tranquility Bay Resort Gulf View, Tranquility Bay
Atlantic Ocean, Bahia Honda State park Atlantic Veiw, Bahia Honda State park
 From Sky to Sea collage Under Bridge, Overseas Highway
Beach Path, Sanibel Island Candid shot by CWD, Fitting End!
Behind The Scenes
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One of the best things about going on vacation is getting to experience new restaurants and different foods not found back home. Sometimes you get a real winner, a sure thing. Other times, you wish you never darkened the doorstep of a particular eatery. Sometimes the food is ok but the atmosphere or conditions just kill it. One particular restaurant in Key West comes to mind. Coolwetdude claims he had some of the best duck he's ever eaten there. My chicken dish was fair but what really bothered me at this outdoor location was the abundance of flies littering the tables and plates. Talk about unwanted delicacies! Napkins turned to gnat-kins, as if one of the seven plagues decided to manifest itself in Key West.

Some of our dining highlights included a visit to Key West's Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory on Duval Street. I was intrigued by the lime-green facade of the storefront, snapping a few photos before we partook in the classic Floridian dessert. Sadly, I discovered that all Blond Giraffe stores are now closed, though they are still offering products on the net.

Doc Ford's Rum Bar and Grille on Sanibel Island was the first place CWD and I ate in upon our arrival. Feeling famished from the drive, I could not wait to try their "Captiva Style Crab Cakes". We found them to be some of the best we have ever had, and returned once more for round two after a photo session in Captiva. Oh yeah, Sanibel-Captiva's Cheeburger Cheeburger made us sinners!

Perhaps the pinnacle of dining experiences in the Keys was had at the Butterfly Cafe in Marathon Key. This restaurant is part of the superb resort known as Tranquility Bay. The menu is a bit pricey but well worth it. Indoor and outdoor dining is offered, and the veranda overlooks the palm-ridden splendor of the Gulf Of Mexico. The crab cakes rivaled Doc Ford's and from soup to nuts, this place is first-rate! Between the two of us, I think we tried nearly every dish on the menu over the course of five days. The Grouper, Mahi-Mahi and the Cuban Pork Chops stand out as highlights. CWD introduced me to their incredible Smoked Fish Dip.

When CWD and I escaped the cold of Clearwater, leaving our paid hotel there unoccupied, we ended up in a flea-bag motel in Naples. We had little choice, as all the area's hotels were booked up! After a successful photo shoot in nearby Marco Island, there was a lot of laundry to do! We still laugh at the motel's outdoor washing machine/dryer combo CWD operated, as a parade of seedy characters came and went. We were certainly sandy characters that night. Naples is a beautiful town and was where we discovered a great Mexican restaurant called Meson Ole! Only one of the two locations in Naples remains open but thankfully, we discovered the chain also exists on Long Island, NY. Ole!

From the Lauderdale Strip to the Seven Mile Bridge, from the Sanibel Lighthouse to the sunsets of Key West, we at Creativewetlook hope you enjoyed this little Floridian detour. Sunboyfun/Coolwetdude.

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