Snowy Egret, Sanibel Island CWD/SBF, Clearwater Causeway Atlantic Ocean, Bahia Honda State Park
SBF, Marco Island Tranquility Bay, Gulf View, Marathon White bird, Bahia Honda
Tranquility Bay Resort Rooftop Iguana CWD, Naples Beach
Stingray, Bahia Honda State Park SBF, Sanibel Island  Umbrella view, Tranquility Bay Resort
Bahia Honda Beach Eager Egret, Islamorada SBF & CWD goofing around, Sanibel Causeway
SBF freezing in a Clearwater, Florida Park Yellow flowers, Tranquility Bay Stubby water bird, Fort Myers
Egret, Sanibel Causeway CWD and Stand-in, Marco Island Sunset Ship, Key West
Key West Church in late sun Colorful Porch in Key West SBF on Clearwater rooftop
SBF, Doc Ford's Sanibel Rum Bar and Grille Aqua waters of Marathon Key Egret, Sanibel Island
Shore Bird, Bahia Honda SBF, Fort Myers Pelican Bay Estates Fountain at Night, Naples
Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory, Key West Pelican, Sanibel Island SBF, Clearwater Hotel
SBF Wading on Marco Island Window View, Tranquility Bay, Marathon Moon Through the Palms, Naples
Cruise Liner, Key West SBF, Clearwater Tranquility Bay, Gulf View
CWD on the Causeway Gator Warning Sign, Clearwater Sailboat off Captiva
Behind The Scenes
This first installment offers highlights from our trips to various Florida locations over the past few years.  Page 2,   Page 3

Shooting wetlook photographs in a tropical setting offers scenic opportunities that are just not available anywhere else. Sand, water, skies and foliage take on unique colors in a palette all their own. Since 2006, Coolwetdude and I have traveled to Florida to utilize tropical elements in our photo galleries. We have sought out locations in cities such as Ft. Lauderdale, Clearwater, Ft Myers, Sanibel Island, Captiva, Marco Island and Naples. We ventured from Key Largo to Key West, taking in some amazing sites along the way. This page gives us the chance to share some non-wetlook photos and other memorable moments we've experienced.

In spite of Florida's sunny reputation and easy access by air to those of us already on the East Coast, CWD and I had an uncanny knack for timing vacations during cold spells. It was like throwing a dart at the vacation calendar's weeks for February, March and April, only to find you've hit the snowflake each time. Our initial arrival in Ft. Lauderdale in February, 2006 was a sunny, wind-blown experience. Damage from an earlier hurricane was still evident. CWD and I sat in a rooftop bar before checking into our hotel, wondering if we would be able to dip one toe in the water. We managed to endure the second day's chilly temps, getting some decent wetlook shots, if only for a short duration. The tease was the fact that the sun was shining bright and the water was mild but the air was just not...tropical! It was amusing to see sunbathing tourists (including us) migrate between the shadows of the hotels in the late afternoon sun, vying for a patch of warmth.

Clearwater, Florida, 2007, might as well have been called, "COLD-water" Florida. Our arrival there was met with wind and chill factors high enough to cause yours truly to don a winter hat. Our hotel did not have running water either, so we booked an adjacent hotel down the street. Our wetlook photography prospects for Caladesi Island dimmed with the Florida sunset, as we realized only penguins or polar bears would engage in water activities under such frigid conditions. We began to see a lesson emerge: you just can't assume Florida will be warm, January through April. Our recourse was to drive south in hopes of more sympathetic climes. Three hours later, Marco Island obliged - but just barely!

A 2008 visit to Ft Myers, Sanibel Island and Captiva was more on target. We enjoyed warmer weather and lots of photo sessions along the Causeway of Sanibel and a lagoon in Captiva. Likewise for 2009, when Marathon Key proved to be a jackpot combo of perfect weather and amazing scenery! Finally, it seemed the pieces were falling into place. Gone was the winter hat  !!

I think of all the locales CWD and I experienced, the Florida Keys truly gave us the chance to bring our photo options to the next level. Time and tide were on our side, at last...

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