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Looking back 30 years ago, if someone hinted to me that one day I would be a contributing member of a community known as “wetlook”, I would have likely questioned their state of mind and then asked for a healthy dose of their hallucinogen.

I have always had a deep appreciation for nature. Recalling the short summer seasons of adolescence spent in and around the Montreal region, it seemed there was never enough time to experience all that Mother Nature had to offer. Exploring trails, lakes and streams in city and rural locations provided a magical escapism for me. It was a kind of therapy for the senses - especially at the “Cascades” near my family’s cottage. It was this location which I enjoyed the most. The sight, aroma & din of the clean rushing waters provided a natural, soothing relief. It was a world away from life’s trials & tribulations. Little did I realize then how significant this treasured oasis would figure in my photographic endeavours later in life.

Fast-forward 20 years to September, 1998. By random chance, via an internet search engine, I virtually fell into That website was the first stepping stone in my online exploration of wetlook photography, and I made several contacts through the site over time. However, it would be 4 years later that I would take the plunge, buy my first digital camera, and begin shooting wetlook pictures of my own.

The summer of 2002 was a very active period indeed! One evening I found myself pressed for time, with only about an hour of daylight remaining. After shooting some self-pics with the setting sun in the background, it was only upon my return home that I felt the impact of what I had created. Viewing the picture of my silhouette with the setting sun’s radiant glow in the background ignited a creative spark. That spark would lead to the launching of my very own Yahoo group, CoolWetdude's Creative Wet Club. My objective since then has been to create unique wetlook images, assimilating as many natural elements into the frame as I could.

Within a few weeks of my Yahoo group’s existence, Sunboyfun, who’s own wetlook photos I had great admiration for, joined the group. After a few months of correspondence via email and phone, I made a trip to NYC to finally meet in January, 2003. It would be 6 more months before our first joint photo shoot, and it was magical, to say the least. The creative synergy and artistic ideals we shared left no doubt there would be future ventures for years to come. We have formed a very close friendship that has seen us travel to Georgia, Florida, Vermont, Quebec City & Montreal. We confess it is difficult to pass a body of water without pondering its photographic possibilities. These journeys transcend the simple pursuit of wetlook photos. The sense of accomplishment is matched by a deep passion and appreciation for nature. For me personally, the adventure starts from the moment I wake and depart Montreal, and only partially subsides upon my return home. The anticipation of what will transpire before, during and after our photo excursions is all part of the fun. Finding optimal photo locations involves driving, walking long distances (with all our photography gear in tow), and sometimes pure luck. I love the scenery we encounter along the way, the photo sessions themselves, and post-shoot dinners - capped off with wickedly-chilled Starbucks Mocha Frappuccinos!  mochafrapp

This website has been a work in progress over the past 6 years. Our goal is to present a wetlook mosaic of nature, colors and beautiful scenery. Expanding on the synergy experienced thus far, we look forward to the challenges which lie ahead in perfecting our techniques. As I have always ended any messages or thoughts I posted with the slogan, “Keep the faith,” I must take this opportunity to thank Sunboyfun not only for his intrepid verve and vision, but for being a significant creator of this website. Without a doubt you have certainly kept my vision of Creative Wetlook very much "Alive & Kicking" (cue up the Simple Minds song here!) Big hugs to you!

Enjoy the site! Please feel free to provide your thoughts on the Contact page.

Cheers & Happy Surfing!